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Is Time Off Work A Reasonable Accommodation?

Posted in Disability Discrimination, FMLA, Human Resources Compliance, Uncategorized
Most of us think about workplace accommodations as modifications that will allow an employee with a disability to perform his job.  Without the accommodation, doing the job may be difficult or impossible. Whether that means modifying the job duties, changing the schedule, or providing an assistive device, the ultimate objective is to help the employee… Continue Reading

Iowa WARN Act Passes Iowa House

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On January 27, the Iowa House passed HF 681, known as the "Iowa Worker Adjustment Retraining and Notification Act".    There is already a Federal WARN Act, which requires most employers with 100 or more employees to provide at least 60 days notice to their employees of a mass layoff or plant shutdown.  Failure to file the… Continue Reading

Iowa Civil Rights Commission Issues 2009 Annual Report

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On October 30, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC)  issued its annual report for 2009.   Once again this year, complaints of employment discrimination constituted the vast majority (85%) of the charges.   The non-employment charges (in the areas of credit, education, housing, and public accommodations) make up the remaining 15% of the charges. The total number… Continue Reading

EFCA and Free Speech

Posted in Labor, Uncategorized
John Irving, former general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, published a thoughtful opinion piece last week entitled "Don’t Employer’s Deserve Free Speech?" .  The article addresses  an important, but less well publicized, aspect of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act.  That is, stiff penalties and liquidated damages for employers found guilty of unfair… Continue Reading