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The Sweeping Reforms to Iowa’s Collective Bargaining Law May Be Short-Lived

Posted in Iowa Appellate Courts, Labor
There is reason to be concerned the AFSCME lawsuit challenging the recent collective bargaining amendments will undermine the legislature’s effort to reform public sector collective bargaining.  As discussed in our previous post on the new law, AFSCME Council 61, the state’s largest public employee union, filed a lawsuit to invalidate the new law on February… Continue Reading

Surprise! The Employees of the Vendor You Hired Might be Your Employees Too

Posted in Human Resources Compliance, Labor, Wage and Hour
While “joint employment” is not a new legal concept, federal agencies such as the Department of Labor and National Labor Relations Board have aggressively sought to expand its application in recent years. A joint employment situation typically occurs when an employer uses an independent contractor or vendor for certain services, or relies upon a staffing… Continue Reading

Texas Court Grants Injunction Delaying the Department of Labor’s New Overtime Rules

Posted in Human Resources Compliance, Labor, Wage and Hour
On November 22, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the Department of Labor from implementing and enforcing the new overtime rule as scheduled on December 1, 2016. The new rule more than doubled the minimum salary an employee needed to qualify as exempt from overtime under… Continue Reading

Facebook Firings and Social Media A Top Priority for NLRB Enforcement

Posted in Employee Privacy, Human Resources Compliance, Labor, Social Networking
Last August the National Labor Relations Board Acting General Counsel issued a report detailing the outcome of investigations into 14 cases involving employee use of social media and social media policies.  A second report issued January 24 on the same subject underscores that social media remains a top NLRB enforcement priority.   In the preface of… Continue Reading

EFCA and Free Speech

Posted in Labor, Uncategorized
John Irving, former general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, published a thoughtful opinion piece last week entitled "Don’t Employer’s Deserve Free Speech?" .  The article addresses  an important, but less well publicized, aspect of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act.  That is, stiff penalties and liquidated damages for employers found guilty of unfair… Continue Reading

What’s New This Week

Posted in Labor, Wage and Hour
As we enter the traditional "dog days" of summer, the world of labor and employment law remains active.  Here are are some highlights of important and interesting news this week: 1.   Furloughs Although there is some indication the recession is easing, many employers remain concerned about the economy.    Pay reductions and temporary furloughs provide a means by which employers can manage payroll… Continue Reading

Mid-Summer Employment Law Update

Posted in Employee Privacy, Human Resources Compliance, Labor, Social Networking, Title VII, U.S. Supreme Court
Between a busy trial schedule and the other distractions of summer, we have been a little delinquent in keeping you up to date during the past couple of weeks.  We apologize for the inactivity on the blog, as there have been many developments in the employment law world since our last posting at the end… Continue Reading