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Facebook Firings and Social Media A Top Priority for NLRB Enforcement

Posted in Employee Privacy, Human Resources Compliance, Labor, Social Networking
Last August the National Labor Relations Board Acting General Counsel issued a report detailing the outcome of investigations into 14 cases involving employee use of social media and social media policies.  A second report issued January 24 on the same subject underscores that social media remains a top NLRB enforcement priority.   In the preface of… Continue Reading

Social Networking 101: What Does It Mean for Employers?

Posted in Human Resources Compliance, Social Networking
Several commentators have identified the proliferation of social networking as one of most important new developments/challenges/obstacles that employers faced in 2009, and will continue to deal with in the foreseeable future. Despite all the discussion in blogs and other places about this phenomenon, for those who do not spend lots of time in this arena,  there is not… Continue Reading

Weekly Web Roundup: October 16, 2009

Posted in Human Resources Compliance, Social Networking, Wage and Hour
Wage and hour collective actions remain active in Iowa.  A Judge in Clinton County just approved a collective action settlement in which Wal-Mart agreed to pay $11 million to settle claims that it failed to pay overtime, properly account for breaks, and altered time records.   Employees and former employees who worked for Wal-Mart in Clinton between 1999-2009 will… Continue Reading

Weekly Web Roundup: October 2, 2009

Posted in Age Discrimination, Human Resources Compliance, Social Networking, Wage and Hour
More signs this week that the federal government is ramping up enforcement of employment laws.  The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division is seeking a $22 million budget increase for 2010, and is seeking to hire 50 new attorneys.   Law Memo Employment Law Blog reports that the EEOC has been very active recently in filing lawsuits.   The Agency  filed 32 lawsuits against employers… Continue Reading

Social Networking and Background Checks

Posted in Employee Privacy, Social Networking
A post in today’s HR Daily Advisor poses the question whether an employer is better or worse off using internet social networking sites as a means of performing background checks on  prospective employees.    On one hand, the internet is an inexpensive and easy way of getting information about a person’s background and character.  Given the risks… Continue Reading

LinkedIn and Lawsuits–Should You Be Concerned?

Posted in Employee Privacy, Social Networking
There is an interesting debate occurring in the legal blogosphere concerning LinkedIn, a popular business social networking site.   It started with an article a couple of weeks ago in the National Law Journal, where management side lawyers were quoted giving warnings about the dangers of  using LinkedIn to provide recommendations to current or former employees.  … Continue Reading

Text Harassment?

Posted in Employee Privacy, Sex Discrimination, Social Networking
 The National Law Journal reports today that text messages are becoming a growing liability concern for employers.    Offensive and inappropriate texts are increasingly being used as evidence in sexual harassment cases.  According to the article, the main culprit is male bosses sending scandalous messages to female subordinates asking them on dates or making promises in… Continue Reading

Mid-Summer Employment Law Update

Posted in Employee Privacy, Human Resources Compliance, Labor, Social Networking, Title VII, U.S. Supreme Court
Between a busy trial schedule and the other distractions of summer, we have been a little delinquent in keeping you up to date during the past couple of weeks.  We apologize for the inactivity on the blog, as there have been many developments in the employment law world since our last posting at the end… Continue Reading