Just days before the Health and Human Services contraceptive mandate went into effect, a federal district court in Colorado issued a temporary injunction exempting a Denver based company from its application. (See ruling in Newland v. Sebelius here). The controversial HHS rule requires all employer provided health coverage, with limited exceptions for certain religious organizations, to cover FDA approved contraceptive

An Article in Sunday’s Des Moines Register pointed to an increase in the hiring of temps as an early sign of economic recovery.    One of the benefits to employers of temporary workers, the article noted, is that they provide a company with flexibility when market conditions are uncertain. “Companies feel more comfortable using temporary work forces”

Chances are your employees have sites on Facebook, MySpace, or some other online social networking site.   It is not uncommon for these employees to post statements or photographs on those sites that are derogatory of their boss, their workplace, or their colleagues.  Sometimes people post statements or explicit photographs that embarrass themselves, and by extension, you, as