It seems common sense that a lawyer or witness would not answer a ringing cell phone in the middle of a court proceeding, but it happens enough that judges now have to have rules about it.

Molly DiBianca at Delaware Employment Law Blog takes on the entitlement mentality of some  employees who think they should be allowed to do personal business on company time and have complete privacy over personal e-mails sent on the company Blackberry. 

For a low cost perk that  will make your employees happy in 2010, HR Daily advisor recommends a flexible scheduling program

Guess who said it:

I always figured that I would [eventually practice]. But it was midway through law school when I thought I wanted to do something different before practicing. I wanted to try something new because I didn’t want to have any regrets.

Answer: former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach, J.D., in an interview with "BItter Lawyer", on why he went into coaching instead of law practice.   Leach’s lawyer has apparently promised to file a lawsuit against the University "soon" over his termination. 

Daniel Schwartz of Connecticut Employment Law Blog notes the difficulty of accurately predicting what will happen in the year ahead; he does go out on a limb with this one though: "We’re not making contact with aliens."  Some days I’m not so sure.   

Speaking of predictions (and football), here’s a couple:  Iowa State 20, Minnesota 14 in the Insight Bowl.  In the Orange Bowl, Iowa 24, Georgia Tech 21.  Go Cyclones and Hawks!

Happy New Year–see you in 2010!